Your ideas have power. We believe that every motorboat expedition can be unforgettable and full of excitement. Don't wait! Share with us your thoughts, visions, and plans for a water adventure, and we'll take care of the rest.

Why choose us?

Your ideas can become reality with our offer. You have the chance for unique experiences with people who share your passion for water. Together, we can organize a journey that will change your perspective on motorboat adventures.

For companies and film crews:

If you're a company looking to test new equipment in realistic conditions, or a film crew searching for the perfect location for water scenes, we're here to help!

Equipment testing:

  • We match the appropriate equipment to your needs.
  • We offer professional conditions and full technical support.


  • We provide reliable transfers for film crews and equipment.
  • We organize group transfers, e.g., Kitesurfing Gdańsk - Hel.
  • We guarantee safe and comfortable water transport.


  • Our motorboats and experienced helmsmen will ensure perfect shots.
  • We offer full logistical support and safety on set.

Don't hesitate! Share your idea today and together let's create unique moments on the water. Your creativity and our experience are the recipe for unforgettable expeditions. Join us and show what you're capable of!

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