PR-Boats' exclusive power boat ownership program

Welcome to a unique motor boat ownership program that gives you the opportunity to invest in a luxury yacht while enjoying numerous benefits. In each project, the cost of acquiring and maintaining the yacht is shared by two to four owners, with each participant contributing proportionally to their share.


Flexible financing and ownership acquisition

Our participants have the option to acquire the yacht in full or in convenient installments over a period of up to six years. This offers a flexible and planned financing option tailored to your individual needs.


Tax benefits for your business

The costs associated with the program can be fully counted as expenses related to your core business with the support of our legal partner. This means that you not only invest in a luxury yacht, but also enjoy tax benefits for your business.


Versatile use options

Our yachts are available for private use, commercial charter or a combination of both. This flexibility allows you to tailor the use of the yacht to your needs and wishes.


Partnership and unanimity

The unanimous agreement of all participants is required in every project. This ensures a harmonious and collaborative partnership. In addition, each participant can sell its shares at any time, and the other participants have the right of first refusal.


More than just a yacht

PR-Boats yacht offers you and your company a platform that goes beyond the mere pleasure of boat ownership. Use the yacht as:

  • A business platform: Invite business partners and make valuable contacts.
  • Tax benefits: Optimize your company's expenses.
  • Image enhancement: Increase your company's prestige by hosting exclusive events on your yacht.
  • Business Mix: Combine business and private use.
  • Social occasions: Host gatherings with friends and family in an exclusive setting.


Join our exclusive owner program

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to invest in a PR-Boats yacht and enjoy the many benefits our ownership program offers. Contact us today to learn more about the terms of participation and next steps. Your dream yacht is waiting for you!




PR-Boats - Luxury that pays off.

PictureNameAmount of investmentNumber of sharesAvailable sharesDeadlineStatusLocalization
O´Boats 550 Full Option85.000 €21Available immediatelyIn search of an investorGdańsk/Mikołajki
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